Waikiki's 3-Wheeled $200/Day Arcimoto FUV: Convenient or Weapon of Mass Destruction?

June 20, 2022 | Ray Marrero | Waikiki

Are you ready for a new way of getting around Waikiki? Is Hawaii ready? In August, Arcimoto will open its first location in Waikiki and begin renting its "FUV" vehicles. They are best described as a cross between a motorcycle and electric car. Beat of Hawaii goes into the details here.

Arcimoto will be entering a competitive market. Companies like Polaris and Scoot Coupe, along with a bunch of local rentals already rent three-wheeled vehicles in Waikiki for island fun and transportation. The $200/day rental fee may put a brake (pun intended) on the number of people willing and able to try it.

Also, I don't know if many families will be interested in trusting Dad or Auntie to take the kinfolk up to the North Shore in one of these things. What about age limits? Are we giving young people another way to terrorize us as we cross Kalakaua Avenue on our way to Waikiki Beach? If you think I'm exaggerating, hang out and enjoy the shenanigans every Friday and Saturday night. As a recovering Attorney, the word "Liability" keeps screaming at me! I see a lot of bad behavior and driving every day; especially on Kuhio and Kalakaua Avenue. Even worse, it's not only from visitors. Time will tell. Don't be surprised if you see a soft opening in July with a bunch of near naked pretty boys & girls cruising up and down Kalakaua Avenue causing traffic jams. Are three-wheeled hybrids a convenient and fun way of dealing with daily traffic or will it be another way of making the local and national news in a bad way? What do you think?

Mahalo! Ray Marrero

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