Thai Sunflower Fields at Waimanalo Country Farms

by Ray Marrero Waikiki Updated on 02/07/2022

Sunflower season on Oahu's starts around July and can last through November. Take a ride out to Waimanalo Country Farms on the East Side of Oahu and enjoy these beautiful flowers. Heck, spend the whole day exploring the East Side! Waimanalo is next to Kailua and has one of the most beautiful beaches on Oahu.

BTW--You can take the bus, but I think you will be using valuable vacation time unless you enjoy watching the world go by at slow speeds. A rental car is your best bet.

  • Do you like sunflowers?

  • Did you know that immature sunflower buds (only) follow the sun? The mature sunflowers usually face east.

  • Would you like to visit? A great big Mahalo out to MJ & Yumi for their awesome photos. I can't wait to visit here myself!--RAM

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