Jason Momoa Is Now Starring In "Aguaman" On Hawaiian Airlines!

Ray Marrero | Waikiki | 08/06/2022

Let's face it. Times are tough and many of us are having to resort to moonlighting to make ends meet. Hawaii's Handsome & Hunky Native-son and Hollywood Superstar Jason Momoa's side gig involved serving bottled water to dehydrated Hawaiian Airlines passengers bound for Hawaii. I'm suspicious. What's really going on?

Jason Mamoa starring in the "Cabin Attendant of Your Dreams!"

Has Jason truly given up acting in Marvel's "Aquaman" for the life of a Hawaiian Airlines' Flight Attendant as "Aguaman" in the "Friendly Skies"? Get the inside scoop from Beat of Hawaii and see why Jason is not only a great actor, but also a shred entrepreneur. I can give you a one word hint: MANANALU. What a pity! I'm sure there are many future passengers who will be disappointed that Jason will not be there to "Fly with me"! Mahalo! Ray Marrero

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