Ala Moana Shopping Center Will Soon Start Charging For Parking

Ray Marrero | Waikiki | 08/27/2022 Free parking is hard to find in Waikiki. The Ala Moana Shopping Center was an oasis for residents and visitors alike. However, the free parking days are coming to an end. In April, the shopping center began charging for parking in four areas and will soon expand to the whole the whole shopping center Why?

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According to, the shopping center wants to increase profits, stop non-shoppers from parking at the center, and make it easier for actual shoppers to find parking.

You can get an idea of the parking plan and possible prices here.

Will this make for a better shopping experience at the mall by making parking easier? Will they validate parking? Will more people just start taking the bus or walk from the nearby hotels? What do you think? Mahalo! Ray Marrero

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